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About the Product

Beman has taken their legendary hunting arrow, the ICS Hunter, and tweaked the weight ratio for greater penetration and better flight. The ICS Bowhunter features the S nock system combined with ICS carbon fiber construction for durability. The CB inserts help kill vibration for faster stabilization and superior down range accuracy as well as the penetration demanded by the modern bowhunter. Serious bowhunters deserve serious arrows. Beman knows you don't take your shot for granted, so why would they? Strength in construction. Durability in every shot. The power and speed to take down big game. Head to the woods this season with the ICS Bowhunter made in the USA for the North American bowhunter.


  • Note: Arrow nock color and fletching color on arrows is selected at the factory. All arrows within a single pack will be the same fletching and nock color combination.
  • Arrow Material: Carbon
  • Straightness: +/- .006"
  • Weight Tolerance: +/- 2.0 grains
  • Diameter: 500: .281"
  • Shaft Length: 32"
  • Arrow Weight:500: 7.3 grains per inch
  • Fletching Weight: 2" XPV Vane, 6 grains each
  • Nock: S Nock (13 grains)
  • Insert: CB Inserts (21 grains)
  • Quantity: 6 Arrows

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