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The search for the ultimate knee boot seemed to be never ending. Year after year of dealing with the common complaints associated with knee boots inspired Banded to build something better. The underlying problem was that no knee boot would release moisture from inside the boot. The goal was to overcome sweaty, uncomfortable, cold feet by releasing the moisture inside the boot while integrating a 100% waterproof shield on the boot’s outside. Banded's design team set out to develop a knee boot that would keep your feet totally dry from the inside and out. After countless hours of research and development and extensive materials testing, their engineers fused optimal materials with the most scientifically advanced waterproof and breathable laminate to develop the Super Hydrophobic Evaporative Development System™ (SHEDS™). The next step was to incorporate the cutting-edge SHEDS™ technology into an ultimate knee boot design featuring unprecedented functionality, wear-ability, durability and performance throughout all the extreme conditions the outdoorsman commonly encounters. They shielded the outside with iron-tough 900D and vulcanized an externally molded PU skeleton for structure and support. Banded also incorporated an all condition tread pattern, 17” cuff height, upper-cuff side-buckle adjustment for a perfect fit, and a full sized heel kick for easy boot removal. The end result is the most technologically advanced knee boot ever to hit the market, the BANDED Breathable Knee Boot.


  • HEDS™ waterproof breathable technology
  • 900D exterior construction
  • Vulcanized externally molded PU skeleton for structure and support
  • 17” Cuff height
  • Upper cuff side buckle adjustment
  • Full size heel kick
  • All condition tread pattern
  • 800 gram Thinsulate™ Ultra Insulation
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