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The AXT Carbon Helix 5-Arrow Quiver is one of the most quietest and lightest won the market. Most quivers have parts that wiggle loose or vibrate but with the use if the Helix X-Dampener, it shuts down harmonics between the structured rods the second the arrow is shot, resulting in a more efficient shot while still remaining stealth. This quiver also features a Quad Lock design that helps hold the quiver tight to the bow utilizing four point radical lock down systems, which also give you more then enough vertical adjustments as well. Last but not least, one of the best features, the double gripping system. Time after time have you had arrows fall loose in your guiver or they bounce around rattling everything they contact. With the double grip system, you can put worry aside and hunt with the confidence that your arrow is going to stay firm and secure where it needs to be. Hunt harder, hunt EXTREME!


  • Helix X-Dampener shuts down harmonics between support structures
  • V.A.C. Vibration Absorbing Coat – Rubberized clear coat diminishes the effects of vibration
  • Quad Lock – four point radial lock down system with vertical adjustment
  • Dual 3k Carbon support structure rods provides maximum strength
  • Five arrow hoods with TPR insert to securely hold all types of broadheads
  • Arrow tips stay secure with no rattle
  • First position arrow in-line with shooter for minimal movement during pre-shot moments
  • TPR over-mould on ABS hood stops unwanted noise from chamber area
  • Adjustable upper gripper secures arrows along the entire length
  • Gripper slot secures all types of arrows from small diameter carbon to larger aluminum
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