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About the Product

The Avian-X Turkey Choke Tube is loaded with features to give you an optimum shot on your next bird. This choke allows for maximum kinetic energy at extended ranges and straight rifling to focus more pellets on the target. Made of a high strength tempered steel, this choke tube will offer maximum durability with high powered loads and is rated for steel, tungsten, bismuth, and lead shot.


  • Dense / even patterns and maximum kinetic energy at extended ranges
  • Unique internal groove technology helps separate pellets from the wad
  • Straight rifling stops wad from spinning & focuses more pellets on target
  • Radical porting keeps gasses away from the shot string
  • Castle cuts on the crown lock choke tight in barrel and provide exhaust channels for gasses to quickly escape
  • Rated for steel, tungsten, bismuth and lead
  • High strength tempered steel for maximum durability with high powered turkey loads
  • High performance black PVD finish for smoother shots & easier cleaning
  • Polished end face for better seating / sealing inside the barrel

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