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About the Product

The Avian-X Power Shaker Duck Decoy is a highly realistic and versatile decoy designed to attract waterfowl in a variety of hunting situations. This decoy features a rechargeable battery-operated motor that creates life like motion and ripples in the water, simulating the movement of live ducks. The decoy is made of durable materials and is painted with intricate details to mimic the appearance of a real duck, including feather patterns and colors. The Avian-X Power Shaker Duck Decoy is easy to set up and operate, making it a popular choice among hunters looking to improve their success in the field.


  • Speed controlled for slow and fast wobbling action
  • Remote controlled up to 50 yards
  • Up to 12+ hour rechargeable battery
  • Custom anchor pins allow ease of installation for anchors
  • Synthetic material
  • Lifesize

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