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Your dog is tougher than nails, but he/she is still vulnerable to losing precious body heat. While you're all bundled up in your awesome insulated and windproof hunting gear, you dog is subject to the elements. That's why your dog should wear the Avery Standard 3mm Neoprene Dog Parka; to ensure that he/she retains body heat to stay active and healthy. The fact is your dog begins to lose crucial body heat sooner than you might think. As the water temperatures dive below 55°, sub-40° air temps and 20+ mph winds are prime conditions for deadly canine hypothermia. A Neoprene Dog Parka traps your dog’s body heat helping his coat dry faster while reducing energy zapping shivering. It also provides added floatation and protection that your dog needs to perform its important job for you. So the next time you gear up for the hunt, do your dog a favor and slip her into the Avery 3mm Neoprene Dog Parka.


  • Tapered cut with 3mm neoprene
  • Full-length zipper cover
  • Cold weather zipper pull
  • Double-tacked seams
  • Easily customized for perfect fit

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